Saturday, November 24, 2007

Weapon Effects

i'v just finished setting weapons effects script.
i added muzzle flash effect per weapon, each weapon have its own muzzle flash effect.
for example: machinegun flashes different and more frequently than shotgun, shotgun also lives some smoke after the shot.
impact effect also added per weapon, each weapon bolt/projectile lives its own mark and create different effect.
for example: rocket effect is the most complicated, it creates smoke trails, fire trails, heat effect (because fire and smoke), sparks and rocket flash.
i also worked on weapon handling, when weapon clip is finished reload sequence is started so you cant shot until finished.
here is few screenshots:
reload and impact effect
note: the red color on the weapon is the gui that
shows how much bolts you have
shotgun - muzzle flash
machinegun - muzzle flash

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