Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jumping, Climbing, Crouching in Action

hi, as i promised from the last post, here is movie that shows the bot in action using the new areas features (showing crouching and jumping)

i also add the ability of climbing and crouching to the player.
note that the bot can also climb a ladder, i'm not showing it in the video because i dont have climbing animation and it looks like flying on it and not climbing.
also nice feature i added to collision system is the ability to know which type of material i collided with so for example: if a bolt hit a stone it will leave different mark if it hits liquid.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jumping, Climbing, Crouching and more

this is holidays time so i had some time to dig into some cool AI stuff, basically i added the ability to edit AI data in run-time with a mini AI editor.
what this means is that i can add special features between areas such as, jumping, climbing a ladder, teleporting etc.
here is a screen shot of the mini editing tool:

1. the red/green spheres on the edge is the start/end points of the jump feature
2. the right side shows me which features the area the mouse on support, this is marked by the floating green sphere.
few keys to do some basic stuff such as set start/end points, set current feature, reset and save the data.
next time i will upload movie that shows the bot in action.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


hi, another post this weekend.
this time is the console, allows me to change engine variables (cvars) at runtime, such as AI params, renderer params etc.
support auto complete, history, keyboard and mouse wheel scrolling, not much to say - just a console.
here is a screenshot:

before execute shadowmapblur=1

after before execute shadowmapblur=1

Profiler Improvement

hi, this weekend i improve my profiler.
i have simple profiling that let me mark places in the code with PROFILER_BEGIN/END commands and then it shows me the results in a tree view.
while trying to profile some area in the renderer i found a bug in the timing, i cast the time value to dword while i should not.
i also added the feature which mark in red the worst time node in the tree and in orange the worst time leaf in the tree, this way i can see very clearly where the optimization needs to be.
one area i know for sure that needs to be optimize is make skinning. so here is a screenshot of the profiler shows you the results.