Saturday, June 28, 2008

Physics in Action

with the new physics engine and ragdoll i added damage system, so if you hit the head you will damage the bot a lot more if you hit the leg or arm.
also if the bot kills you the camera change from first to third person mode so you could see ragdoll physics in action when you fall on the ground.
few bugs here and there but the new system is really cool :)
few videos that shows the new physics engine in action:

Thursday, June 19, 2008

NVidia PhysX Integration

while trying to create advanced ragdoll physics i found that my physics engine isn't so stable.
for example: if i throw ragdoll from high place to the ground, it could get very unstable due to my simple solver.
as you all know, nvidia acquired ageia physx and they also have 2 new cards geforce 260/280 thats have build in physics accelerator. (based on ageia physx technologies)
i think is great solution, buying one card that support graphics and physics is cool.
the solution to my physics problems was very simple:
1. i could spend few more weeks to fix and some few other things on the way
2. integrate some of the commercial physics libs. (havok/physx)
i decided that it is best to go with option 2.
another question was havok or physx? i decided to go with physx as it is very understandable, easy and have tons of samples.
the integration went very smooth, i change my physics manager to support their function and the ragdoll is very stable now.