Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Smell of the Money Can Make You Blind...

Hi all
this time i'v some "bad" news.
last post i wrote about a project i'm about to expose, unfortunately this isn't going to happened.
i turns out that when "my friend" saw we have some real thing in our hands he smell the money, and that make him do what he did this week.
i wont get into details (numbers and stuff), but i feel i need to share what went wrong so if you will be in my position you know what to do.

i got to know this guy from a good friend of mine, so i trust my friend that this guy is ok.
from day one our working model based on free time only!
i gave him X percent for starting, and he began to work on some models, after working for a while, i rise it 1.5X and eventually he got 2X percent, even that the work he did stays the same, average of one model per week! (for the simple ones!, complex ones could get to one month)

2 weeks before exposing he told me that he wants more and told me to think very careful about what i'm going to say, so i though and even that there was no good reason to rise it up, i want him to be happy, so i give him another 25% of the 2X he got and told him i want him to sign on a contract i will arrange about everything we agreed on.

this week he told me that he doesn't want to continue, talking a little bit with him i realize that he wants 25%+, and he told me that i can't use his models in anyway... for the record, i can use them for non profit use, but i decided that i don't want to, i don't want him to have anything with my projects not now and not ever...

after checking out what he actually did in almost 2 years i saw its less than 50 models! including the simplest one (cans, bottles, barrels etc), so giving him 25% is giving him 0.5% per model!

so the bottom line of all this little story is:
don't trust anyone when doing this kind of thing, make a construct from day one, i did one and gave him but i didn't insist him to sign it, bad mistake.
i will be happy to hear what do you think, did i do the right thing? did i handled it correctly?

i always knew that money can blind wise peoples, but now i know that even the smell...

i will continue to update this blog, hopefully more recent...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stay Tuned for the BLAST!

recently i'm not updating this blog often, the reason is that me and my friend working very hard on a big project and i can't find time to post, every free minute i have i put in the project...
if you are curious, here are some Q/A:

* so... whats the big project you are working on?
well, basically it's a game.

* what kind of game?
that's will be published soon.

* what is so special about this game?
feeling! we work hard to make it feel real, in terms of look and feel...

* is it going to be a full game?
no, for now we will publish one level, to show what we can do.

* what engine are you using?
internal, for now i named it: OGE (oren game engine)

* why didn't you use cry-engine,unreal, unity,ogre, or any other free engines out there?
one word: freedom!

* can you tell about the engine a little?
yes, but this can be a very long answer, so here are few cool things we have:
  • Editor - the engine is just loading and running levels, all logic and gameplay scripted or set by the editor (nothing is hard coded)
  • Graphics - real-time GI, HDR, filmic tonemapping and filmic DOF , sun effects, flares unlimited lights and shadows! (every light cast shadow) and more...
  • UI - script based dynamic UI system supporting any resolution.
* where can i see screenshots, videos?
soon i will post screenshots of the project, and talked about few nice things i'v added into.

* do you need people to join in?
yep, basically we need:
art guys - concept, models, textures, animations etc...
sound/music guys to do sound effects and music.
so if you know someone, feel free to contact me.

i'v you have questions you want to ask, feel free...