Sunday, February 18, 2007

Profiling stuff

i didin't have time to add new features, instead i run the game on few maps and do some profiling, and i saw that on some maps the fps drop down to 20-30 fps - what the...
at first i thought its the rendering, but after checking the profiling data i saw its the bots update function, i checked it out and see its the skinning stuff :(
well, in the beginning i wrote some slow functions just to make it work and now its coming back, so i think i will need to rewrite those functions and add some asm code.
in the next 3/4 week i wont updating because i will be on vacation :)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

First person mode and torso,legs synchronization

ok, first updates from last week.
i added synchronization with torso & legs to allow the bots to aim at direction x and walk in other direction y, this is very important when the bots fight (because if the bot could not do that i will looks very robotic).
this week i added first person mode, which is better than third person if you need very accurate aiming, i also synchronize the animation with the third person mode so when you look at mirror you see yourself.
here is few screen shots: