Saturday, June 20, 2009

Havok Physics Demonstration

its been a long time since i posted anything, this is because i didn't have time to work on the engine... (busy busy busy)
so here is the video of few physics elements using havok i said i will post:

few elements shown in the video:
1. better and smooth character controller (no jittering, smooth jumping), every character/bot have its own properties set using a script.
2. moving platform interacting with character controller, platform push everything on it, which means if something goes on the platform it will move.
3. dynamic bridge using limited hinge constraint, i added options to add constraints via editor so this bridge is a simple brush with hinge constraint at the bottom, when the character apply enough force on it, it will fall down.
4. smooth movement using fixed time step and interpolation, almost every physics engine (physx, bullet, havok, ode, newton etc...) have the option to use fixed time step (i use 1/60), but what this means is when appication dt goes down 1/60 you will notice slow motion and moon gravity effect because the physics simulation is updating in the right time step (which is 1/60), to overcome this we need to check for this situation and apply few interations and interpolate between last and new physics objects states if current dt is not multiple of physics dt (for more info see my post on fixed time step or ask on the forum)
if you have any question feel free to ask