Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stay Tuned for the BLAST!

recently i'm not updating this blog often, the reason is that me and my friend working very hard on a big project and i can't find time to post, every free minute i have i put in the project...
if you are curious, here are some Q/A:

* so... whats the big project you are working on?
well, basically it's a game.

* what kind of game?
that's will be published soon.

* what is so special about this game?
feeling! we work hard to make it feel real, in terms of look and feel...

* is it going to be a full game?
no, for now we will publish one level, to show what we can do.

* what engine are you using?
internal, for now i named it: OGE (oren game engine)

* why didn't you use cry-engine,unreal, unity,ogre, or any other free engines out there?
one word: freedom!

* can you tell about the engine a little?
yes, but this can be a very long answer, so here are few cool things we have:
  • Editor - the engine is just loading and running levels, all logic and gameplay scripted or set by the editor (nothing is hard coded)
  • Graphics - real-time GI, HDR, filmic tonemapping and filmic DOF , sun effects, flares unlimited lights and shadows! (every light cast shadow) and more...
  • UI - script based dynamic UI system supporting any resolution.
* where can i see screenshots, videos?
soon i will post screenshots of the project, and talked about few nice things i'v added into.

* do you need people to join in?
yep, basically we need:
art guys - concept, models, textures, animations etc...
sound/music guys to do sound effects and music.
so if you know someone, feel free to contact me.

i'v you have questions you want to ask, feel free...


Squid said...


Mau78 said...

Hi Oren I'm Mauro we talked few weeks ago about "fracture" in this blog, I'm the founder and CTO of a small indie studios ION6.COM actually entering this year IGF 2012 with a SCI-FI FPS project. I've something to show (teaser video) you. Can you contact me privately? anceschi at


vspyder said...

Will you be using a physics engine in this game? If so which one or will you roll your own solution?

orenk2k said...

Hi vspyder
yes, i'm using havok physics.
the game supposed to be realistic in term of gameplay and graphics so physics is a most.

vspyder said...

Interesting that you are using Havok. Is there any reason why you chose Havok as opposed to Bullet which is open source?

orenk2k said...

well, yes there is.
ok, some history, first i had my own physic engine, works fine and all was good, until i realized i don't have enough time to build all things by myself, so i decided that i will use external physics engine.
first i tried agiea physics (now its nvidia physx), fast and good but doesn't gave me enough freedom for doing gameplay things, for example, you can't do moving platforms and elevators as their character controller isn't act like physics obj so you need to code it yourself (thats why they eventually expose their cct code so they won't have to fix it, you will).
then i decided that i needed reliable physics engine that i won't need to handle such cases anymore, bullet wasn't that good (i still think it isn't), so i replace agiea physics with havok, and let me tell you that, havok is rock! sure itss not open source, but i don't really care about the source, as long as they do the work and they are doing it very well.
hope this clear few things ;)

Lauraine said...

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