Friday, November 23, 2007


hi, recently i have worked on game play, one of the things i'v added is hud (heads up display).
at the bottom of the screen you will see which weapon you are using, how much ammo left, health and armor, also when your are hit by something you will see red mark on the screen that will fade out.
the hud is based on the gui system i was worked on, while adding the hud i found couple of bugs in the gui system, some of them was critical, but i fixed them :).
until now, all gui rendering was handled by id3dxsprite interface, and gui elements didn't have full material like i'v used on 3d surface (they have just the texture so i could display it).
one of the changes i'v done was the removing of id3dxsprite interface from gui renderer and adding my own sprite renderer with specific gui shader.
i also removed the texture and add full material support like i'v used on 3d surfaces, so each 2d gui surface will support all the features on 3d surface material.

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