Monday, July 1, 2013

My Video Solution Used By Super Splatter!

Hi all

long time i didn't update, same old song, busy busy and no time to update...
anyway, remember the last posts about video solutions etc, pricing and stuff? well guess what?
my own video solution is out and used by the game "super splatters" which is cross platform pc/mac/linux game, and a really cool one!

some background info, these guys used to use other cross platform video solution, and they was happy with the results, until one day i came and say, hey wana check other solution, with better performance and less $?
they said, it can't be, you can't make something better than what we already use now.
i told them try and you will see.
so they did, and they never went back :)

btw: this game is very nice and cool, using in-house physics engine, really cool effects and next gen ui system uses lots of videos (smaller/bigger you name it), you can read more about it here: super splatters

few words regarding my video solution:
name: OrenVideo
platforms: pc/mac/linux/android
speed: lighting fast, super splatters team checked it against top of the line solution and mine was better.
memory: less or equal to anything you know or used.
integrations: easy as hello word app ;P

soon enough i will be ready to launch my video solution site, meanwhile if you have any questions related, feel free to ask here...

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