Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fair Price For Cross Platform Video Solution?

Hi all

since my last post i'm working full power on publishing cross platform video solution.
first stage it will be:
1. pc
2. linux
3. mac
second stage will depend on sells so eventually i will add top consoles:
1. xbox 360 (future 720)
2. ps3
more platforms will be added based on customers requirements...

now for the important stuff: Pricing

from my last post you already know that it a pain in the butt to create such a solution and at the same time making it fast enough to run multiple hd videos at 30 fps game...

i'v added a poll at the top left corner so i could know what do you think:
believe it or not, but your vote will have a HUGE influence on the price.
pool keywords:
indie = independence/independent
comm = commercial

so... if you have friends, colleague or people who might consider buying such a solution, get them here to vote...

thanks and cya.

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