Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gamma Correction

hi, after reading the article "the importance of being linear" in gpu gems 3, i decided that its a good thing to add gamma correction into my engine.
by setting the right gamma value everything will look more real and the colors get the right felling.
there is few tecniques to do that, i decided to do it as a post process on the final pixel color by applying the function:
gammaCorrectedColor = pow(finalColor, 1/gammaValue)
as a bonus we can now optimize light interaction because the light bounds doesn't need to be big in order to make the effected area more clear and bright.
also, its a good idea to make the gamma value controllable so every player could set it as needed, i'm using the console to change it.
here is a screenshot of the effect:

without gamma correction

with gamma correction

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