Sunday, November 2, 2008

Advanced Shadows

hi, last post i talked about the new render system and the improved shadow and lighting system, so here is few screenshots that shows some action:

soft particles with per pixel lighting and shadowing,
notice the green shadows on the wall

this is not projected light effect, this is true shadows generated from the fench

first picture shows some green smoke effect that cast green shadows, this is not precomputed effect or projected video, this is real shadows producing by the particles.
here i show this on particles but it will work perfectly for glass and other translucent materials.
the second picture shows shadows created from semi transparent materials, here i show this on fence but it will work for any semi transparent materials such as trees, grass etc.
i also added some optimizations to point light shadowing by skipping cube face passes by determine if face frustum is not intersecting camera frustum.

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