Saturday, September 8, 2007


after seeing id tech 5 mega texturing, i though how the heal he did that?
so i start digging and reading a lot about clipmaps and streaming and i succeeded creating mega texturing.
to create the huge textures i'm using L3DT (pro trial version) i'v created 8k and 16k, the 16k texture took more than 12 hours to complete and with 5 mip levels its takes 1 giga.
my computer have only 1 giga ram so it's not impossible to use this texture in system mem.
here is few screenshots showing the difference between using mega texturing and not.
note that this is just sample app using engine features but for now its isn't integrated inside.
the app uses 16k streaming texture with about 20 mb gpu mem.
the fps difference is big because mega texture ps takes 74 instructions (not optimized)

using mega texture

not using mega texture (very blurry)

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