Monday, March 5, 2012

The First Scene

Hi all

finally i got to the point that i can share some info about the first scene i'v been working on.
the scene is an abandon parking place which i designed all by myself.
here are few screenshots from the scene:

the scene is far from being complete, i need to add more models, fix textures for pipes/flares etc... but i wanted to share it and not keeping it in the dark as last time...
for now i'm working on new props to fill the scene with so it won't look too clean/empty.

some rendering highlights used (for these who interested):
1. hdr
2. film tone mapping
3. film depth of field
4. gamma & color correction
5. screen space AA
6. sun shafts
7. dynamic shadows (from all lights)
8. real time GI (color & ambient occlusion)
9. light flares

i would be glad to hear what do you think...
cya until next time


Ido Lavy said...

Well, it's a start.
The current scene doesn't show a lot of shader technique but i guess that wasn't your aim at this point.
so ignoring the texture-on-model PS2 look;
the main element that took me off my comfort zone are those light flares that looks like an obvious billboarding textures.
Other than that, i guess the color temperature seems unnatural and probably doesn't represent the kind of lighting effect you wanted to create.
most of it can probably be fixed by baking some AO.
Looks nice of early stages i guess.

orenk2k said...

Hi ido
thanks for your comments...
you are right, the post didn't meant to expose shader effects used in the scene.

its a little odd that from all the next gen effects the scene uses, your comfort zone shakes a little from old school effect, lens flares.. but that's ok ;P

as for model texture, i don't know how you can see its a ps2 look as i'm not showing any model for a close distance so you can tell and the images highly jpg compressed. i post few shots to show level areas.

as for baking AO, the engine doesn't use any baking, all computed in run-time and that's what makes it so good! so AO is computing on the fly...

keep in mind that this is not early stages shot, its THE first stage shot, so stay tuned for the next shots to see if its stays ps2 :P
next time, if i wana show some detail, be sure it won't be jpg images.
again, thanks for your comments.

Ido Lavy said...

It's hard to wrap my head around the idea of realtime GI, will it work on anything more complex than this scene?
how much fps do you get by just moving the camera around?

orenk2k said...

well, there a couple of method for doing realtime GI, and yes it will work on any scene, even outdoor with trees etc...
as for the fps, its won't mean anything for you as its related to so many things:
* poly count in scene
* lights and effects
* resolution
* physics
also my gpu is an old geforce 240 gt (but i still get smooth playing)

if you still want numbers, in the future i will post some profiling info, that will be after i will expose whats being computed at the background so it will be meaningful.