Sunday, July 19, 2009

Building Editor

i'v thought it will be good to leave id tools (their editor) because the more the engine improved the more id editor doesn't give me good options to set the new properties the engine supports, for example, i want to create constraints and apply them to brushes or entities, until now i added new entity call constraint_hinge (for example) and then i added properties to this entity that the engine can parse and set constraint values, but the editor doesn't know its hinge constraint and can't show me the angles in the viewport, i was better if the editor could draw/show me the angles in a more friendly way so i know how to set them correctly without running the engine and testing it.
this i just an exampe, so i started to build an editor (i always wanted to, but there was important things to do before...) which will support all engine features and option to add generic porperties to each entity (just like id editor).
the editor isn't going to be like crysis editor, its more like ut editor which you build the level from scracth or more correcty, from basic objects, detail object could be added as well.
right now i setup the basic ui, viewports, tools toolbar and basic manipolation on brushes such as move, scale, rotate, multi selection, also supporting copy/paste system.
the 2d viewports support zooming and snap to grid option, the 3d viewport allow you to conrol a free camera with the mouse so you can view the scene from any angle.
still have to finish alot of things but its getting better each day i'm working on it.
next time i will work on it, i think i will add undo/redo system, without it i think the editor is useless ;)
btw: no its not C# its pure c++ with mfc! uses the new feature pack which is great...
here is a screenshot of how it looks so far:

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