Saturday, March 21, 2009

Doing some maintenance

hi, this week i did some maintenance, something i want to do for a long time is to replace my hard disk, my current hdisk (old 80 gb) start to do some noises so i thought its time to replace it, so i buy new 320 gb and clone everything.
i thought i will be fast and simple but the new norton ghost is so bad, i just want to do simple task (as i did in the dos days) and they make it so hard, they change the option for cloning hdisk to copy hard drive option which allows you to clone only one partition at a time and not the whole hdisk as one unit.
so i searched for another app, and i found really good software 'Acronis True Image Home', this is the best app i found for doing the job, very easy to use and have a lot of options to backup things. anyway i use it and it work perfectly.
i also install source control software (which i didn't use until now), the project become very big with a lot of files and it become very complicate to control it, so i installed svn (which i also use it at work), i really like this software, very fast and relaible.
the last thing i did is to upgrade my dev system to vs2008, i was using vs2003 which wasn't so great, i hope the new one will perform much better :)
thats it for now, bye

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