Friday, September 12, 2008

Light Leaks

hi, small update about something i saw while working on sound occlusion.
i created small level containing 2 rooms with a door separating them, while playing with this level i saw some lights leaks near the door and at the sides of one of the rooms room (the one without a light) it appears that some of the light from the lighten room leaked into the dark room - very strange, because i'm using vsm for shadowing the scene and i'm using some thresholds to solve the light bleeding problem i thought to give a second check to this threshold.
so what i did is increasing the light bleeding threshold and everything look good now :)
here is few screenshots showing the problem before and after solving it:

close door - leaks on sides and near door

open door - leaks on sides

close door - no leaks

open door - no leaks


JFD said...

might I ask you what format you are using for the maps ?

proc, cm, map ?

Still superb work, cheers,

orenk2k said...

hi, the map format is still .map file similar to old quake format.
but only the map file isn't tells you what you need to render and how, also collision data and ai are not included inside.
the map file used for editing and contains relevant data to create/build the other data needed for the game.
i'm using those files:
1. map for entities data
2. proc for precomputed data such as render batches, visibility etc
3. cm for collision data
4. aas for ai navigation
note that all the formats are text files so it is easy to see what you need.