Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weapon Sight and Lock mode

i worked on some game play features that allows you to control your weapon more easy.
1. adding weapon sight on the screen so you know where you are aiming at also when you are aiming on game entity (for now bots) you will see the name of the bot and the distance near your sight icon.
note that each weapon have its own sight icon.
2. weapon lock mode, allows you to lock your weapon to your shoulder, and set your view with weapon sight for more accurate aiming, also it increase weapon accuracy while shoting.
here his few screenshots:
note: hud removed from those sceenshots.

bot name and distance

lock mode active


MarmAmic said...

Why not create modes (like hard, easy) and change the way the weapon works in each mode. Like removing the sights in hard mode.

orenk2k said...

well, this is related to options menu etc, which i didn't created yet, basically options menu is left for the end or near the end - when you know what game features you have and need to be change by the user.
for now i'm adding gameplay features, and when i will finish the "standard" things, and i know they worked fine i will think of exposing them via menu.
thanks for the replay ;)