Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rigid Body Physics #2

i fixed some bugs in the physics engine related to inertia tensor calculations and collisions.
i also add it to my fixed time step scheme, so it will be more smooth.
while checking performance i found a bug in my particle system related to profiler sections, it seems that profiler section started but wasn't ended so it damaged the profiler (this isn't related to rigid body physics but because of this i added nice feature to the profiler so it will show me if sections are not closed properly).
anyway, i founded that my collision system needs optimizations (because of the mesh vs mesh collision), so i searched the net to find some info about generic convex mesh collision and i found something called: GJK algorithm.
i also so that its good to build AABB/OBB trees for the meshes for fast culling.
i already implement AABB tree in my engine for some collision testing at the beginning, now i found some useful area to use it.
as for GJK, i need to read more about it and see how it goes.
in my last update i uploaded screenshots, and its time to add some nice movie to show my physics in action:

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