Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bitmap fonts

hi, long time i didnt post anything because i didnt had time to.
after i return from my vacation in the far east, thailand - amazing country, i needed couple of weeks to return to the real world :)
ok, now the weapons works fine, but in some weapons the ammo left should be rendered in specific place on the entity model.
id defines something called entitygui shader for surfaces that should be display gui, so what i'm going to do is to support this cool thing.
i'm supporting the shader definition, so now all surfaces with entitygui shaders suppose to render their gui on that surface (texture)
i also added bitmap fonts, until now i use d3dxfont lib but it is not so fast and i cant render textured characters.
to genrate font data i'm using: bitmap font builder by thom wetzel.
next time i hope i will finish some gui controls.